Vintage Sears Christmas Ads from the
1950s, 1960s (and a couple of 70s!), Pt. III

More great holiday ads from Sears!

I really hope they really had a cool rack like this at Sears... In this 1958 ad, I can make out an 'Aristocrat,' an electric 1352, an acoustic 618, a couple of Dano models,
a 'Black Beauty,' and an acoustic 602 and a 605. If had a time machine, the Dano plant in Jersey would be my first
priority, followed by a chat with the guy who thought up the Kay numbering scheme, then I'd head to a few Sears
stores and take pictures in their music departments. Oh, and grab a lot of catalogs.

This ad from Maryland features what looks to be a store merchandiser. The bottom of the rack is filled with some fine late-50s amps:
looks like a 1391, a 1392 and the 'Twin Twelve' 1396.


The dynamic duo that changed the world! Seen in this 1966 ad, it's the big-selling pair of ampincase
models, the 1448 and 1457.


Route 1966 rolls on with
 the 1448 and 1457, as well as the 621 and 605. Oddly, the 605 wasn't in the catalog in '66;
you'd have access to the 604 for your low-end acoustic.

'Comet Special' pedal car and the ever-present
604 along with a nice stereo record player for your sock hop in '59.


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