Vintage Sears Christmas Ads from the
1950s, 1960s (and a couple of 70s!), Pt. II

More great Sears holiday ads!

Electric or acoustic? It's your choice in 1965 with a
1448 or a 621.




Stepping back a year to 1964, let's give the gift of music with a phono setup, a portable reel-to-reel, and the predecessor to the 1457, the 1449.

Rockin' '1967 with some exciting new teeny transistors, the 'champ' of Silvertone amps, the 1481,
the slightly re-designed 1477 and the venerable 604.

Jumping to 1968, here's the painted-pickguard 602 and the big 641/1210 flattop.

A world of music for you in 1966. Drums, newfangled component record changer, the redburst 1457, and a 660 Kay-built classical.


Music all around for 1958. An acoustic 78 player with an electric motor (with a rack of records) for the kids,
a little more sophisticated portable record machine for the teens, an AM radio for the home, and a 605 to get your strum on.

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