Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is and always has been one of my favorite bands. From Ten right on through to 2006's self-titled 'Avocado' LP and now the re-issue of the seminal Ten, and the great new Backspacer, they've contributed a depth and commitment to rock and roll. They've been a great example of how to treat your fans: official 'bootleg' releases, low concert ticket prices, a great fan club organization, and who ELSE do you know has stood up to TicketMaster?

EPK for Backspacer, great new album

Here's a YouTube link to the EPK for the Ten Reissue, from the official Pearl Jam YouTube channel.

YouTube Link of 'Life Wasted' Video from Vienna. Good audio, AND Jeff's playing the Silvertone clone!

Official Website. This link'll take you everywhere... Ten Club, Tour info, Set List history... great site!

YouTube Link of 'Oceans' Video. What a great song, and a very lovely video. That last shot where Eddie takes the dive off the balcony and it fades into the surf... wow!

Wikipedia Entry

Backspacer, featuring some great, solid tunes and the big hit, 'Just Breathe.'

Ten, the album that started it all, now available remastered, remixed, and also available in a SUPER deluxe ultimate edition.

Pearl Jam - Their latest album finds PJ at battle - with the war, the economy, life, love... wow, just like reality! Good stuff.

Yield - My favorite PJ album. I followed them around on this tour a bit. A great piece of the soundtrack to an incredible time in my life.

Live at the Gorge 05/06 - SEVEN (!) CDs...100 Tracks of live PJ goodness!

Gotta get some video!

Immagine in Cornice: Picture in a Frame - Great travelogue of a quick tour of Italy, LOTS of songs from 2006's "Pearl Jam," Jeff plays his Silvertone Clone for most of the video.

Pearl Jam - Touring Band 2000 - A great 'You Are There' of the 2000 PJ Tour; my favorite kind of video. Also included are the videos for 'Do the Evolution' and 'Oceans.' Nice package.