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Click the floating Dex head for a Silvertone World interview and review of the latest DRD album
"Is That You In The Blue?"




Dexter Romweber, the guitar man behind favorites the Flat Duo Jets, believes in the power of music and the power of Silvertone. I've rarely seen him onstage (live or in pictures) without his trusty 1448 in hand. If you want to really hear what the Masonite Marvel from Neptune can do, listen to Dex's work. Solo (Duo! Trio!) or, of course, with Flat Duo Jets, Dex knows what that sparkly black Silvertone is capable of, and he wrings every bit of electrified lipstick and wood goodness that he can out of it. Go, Dex!!!

A true artist, a super nice fellow, and my nomination for all-time Silvertone-playing champ!