1916 was the year
that Sears and Roebuck began using the name Silvertone to brand its talking machines.
Radios, aerials, television, wire and then tape recorders, hearing aids, televisions, stereo systems, virtually every piece of home electronics that Sears sold through 1972 was branded with the Silvertone name.

The manufacturers were vast and varied, but with the Silvertone name, you just knew it was gonna be functional, stylish and affordable.

Sears was the retailer for much of America for the better part of the last century, bringing affordable entertainment to the downtowns and suburbs of Everytown USA, all the way to the furthest flung farms and byways of rural America.

Our main thrust here is obviously guitars and amps, but you can get a look at some of Sears' early phonographs on our Century of Silvertone celebration pages, and radios, TVs and other miscellaneous Silvertone-branded items are featured from time to time on our Silvertone World Facebook page.